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Jonatha Brooke Masterclass


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17 september, 2022

Studenterhus Odense

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Songwriting is basically about keeping the creative channel open. In my workshops, I like to explore all the different paths you can take in to the creation of a song:

*We’ll talk about lyrics, grooves, melodies, counterpoint.

*I’ll suggest exercises that get us out of our own way.

*We’ll talk about practical rules that help refine our raw ideas and make the most of what we have. And we’ll talk about breaking the rules!

*We’ll talk about Open Guitar tunings, half capos, other accompaniment, instrumentation.

*We’ll talk about collaboration, (sometimes 1 + 1 = 5)


*The Business side of music. Building a career and making a living. Calibrating and re-calibrating our goals…deciding what “success” means to each of us, so we can make the most of our talents and time.

Depending on the time and the attendance, I may be able to give feedback on a few songs that are in progress.

Jonatha Brooke

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