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Dawn Landes (USA)

Show: Saturday

Singer/songwriter Dawn Landes is perhaps best-known for her precise songwriting and textured vocals on her previous five albums and five EPs that meld elements of indie rock, alt-country, and folk. Songs such as “Try to Make a Fire Burn Again”, “Bodyguard”, and “Straight Lines” have built her reputation as one of our best independent singer-songwriters, showcasing an ability to tell stories that makes her the perfect choice to write the songs for a musical like ROW.

A Louisville, KY native, Landes first read about McClure’s adventure in the local newspaper when she was in high school. The inspiring story stuck with her throughout the years, so when playwright Daniel Goldstein (Unknown Soldier) approached Landes about the possibility of collaborating on a musical, she immediately knew the story she wanted to tell.

As a recording artist she has released five full-length albums. In support of her releases, Landes has toured extensively in the US, Europe and around the world, often sharing the stage with artists such as Ray LamontagneFeistAndrew BirdJosé GonzálezThe WeakerthansMidlakeSuzanne Vega, and Sufjan Stevens.


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