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Loud Tiger (DK)

Show: Saturday

LOUD TIGER, aka Viktoria Siff, is a songwriter who has penned songs for big artists such as Alicia Keys and Macy Gray, and she has now gone solo in this very unique sounding band setup. Together with her good friend and multi-instrumentalist Sune Haansbaek, she has written and produced a body of work that is a mix of upbeat americana, altcountry and folk-rock with a scandinavian twist.

Her vocal is vibrant and dominant through out the project. Both powerful and emotional and her songwriting is honest and raw. She adresses everything from the dark sides of the mind (DEVIL), toxic relationships (FOOL), american gun laws (ONLY LOVE), to surviving the music industry (ENTER THE NIGHT) and finding your soulmate (FIND HIM IF YOU CAN). With her strong vocal and her raw and honest story telling, Loud Tiger resonated strongly with and got amazing respons from the Nashville team at APPLE MUSIC. ALL 3 of her singles have landed on a variety of big playlists in the states. Best New Songs Americana, Southern Craft,
New in Country, Country Wide and New In Rock!!

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