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As a live act, the Copenhagen-based quartet bring a sense of community to their performances. Morten Falk Overgaard (drums) and Marie Linander Henriksen (bass) both provide a swell of vocal harmonies, even prompting live audiences to join in. Since their debut show at SPOT Festival (DK) in 2016, the group has toured Denmark, Norway, Germany and Canada, and have their eyes set on building new fanbases outside their northern homebase. The band has played major danish venues, and supported international artists such as The Lone Bellow (US) and 10cc (UK), but they are never hesitant to play acoustic pop-up shows on their way, or been afraid of changing their setup for different stages.

The band’s debut album ‘Wiaca’ from 2019 (Celebration Records), placed strong pop melodies within an airy, synth-layered production, and featured stories of childhood friendship, lucid dreaming, new and lost loves. The album received great reviews in Europe and the US, and set the scene for the bands first headliner tours. Their sophomore album ‘Inner Coasts’ (2021), was made in collaboration with producer Asger Techau from the legendary danish rock group, Kashmir. The album showed more grit and nerve, while taking the songwriting to an even deeper ground than the debut. This time around, the band earned critical acclaim from within the their own borders, as well as in Germany where ‘Inner Coasts’ released on the Dresden indie label, K&F Records.

With two years in the workshop, SUNDAYS is now ready to release the 2 new singles, ‘Savory Sundays’ (out 3.3.23) and ‘Forever Too Late’ (out 28.4.23), leading up to their album trilogy finale, ‘Giant Formula’ in early 2024.

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