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We are happy and proud to announce that Odense, for at least the next three years, will open its doors and city for a number of the best international and Danish songwriters. Just like the songwriters have stories to tell about their songs, we have a lot to tell about our city, which has become a significant player on the Danish cultural and musical scene. We are looking forward to welcoming a lot of Danish and international guests to Odense.

Peter Rahbæk JuelMayor of Odense, Denmark
Nashville Nights sponsors are…

Supporting something very special

Odense opened its city gates for the second time last year in September to welcome Nashville Nights International Songwriters Festival. In a joint effort the organisers, songwriters, artists, sponsors and city’s venues managed to follow through and deliver one of the most unique  festivals in Europe in 2022.

The Albani Foundation, Odense City Council and DPA supports the festival.

“Nashville Nights had something new to offer in terms of the festival format and Odense city. I was positively surprised by how many international guests the festival pulled and this is something we want to support and help expand. The artistic level the American musicians brought to the table also surprised me. Every single musician was simply amazing and an unconditional gift to Odense. I believe that we can make our own little South By Southwest”

Freddy LarsenPresident, Albani Foundation
An International songwriters festival which is

Gathering folks from near and far.

Artists from twelve different countries and guests from sixteen. Our mission is to share inspiration and establish and develop networks, nationally and internationally between songwriters, artists and musicians and to give the audience touching, funny and outstanding experiences unique to Nashville Nights International Songwriters Festival in Odense, Denmark.

As sponsor for Nashville Nights International Songwriters Festival, you can give your clients and staff amazing and unique experiences.

New relations and experiences

We give you the opportunity to expand your professional relations Internationally and we will give you, your colleagues and clients experiences you cannot get anywhere else.


We have a palette of great marketing options ready to present to you, offering exposure at the festival, on social media and specifically designed for you to use on your own channels.

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“Everything was amazing, if you like country music or not”

Thomas,Guest NNISF 2021

“Nashville Nights was a magical experience”

SofieGuest NNISF 2021

“I am absolutely coming back next year and I'll bring my friends!”

PerGuest NNISF 2021

"I'm ready in 2022.. In fact I can't wait"

NickGuest NNISF

"An exciting and unique experience"

JesperGuest NNISF 2021